Conditions of Hire

Any organisation or individual (hereinafter referred to as the Hirer) hiring Foulden Village Hall must comply with the following Conditions of Hire and a copy of these conditions must be signed by the hirer and returned to the Booking Secretary before the hire commences. In the case of an Organisation two signatures are required from persons who are Office Bearers within that Organisation.  Where the Management Committee, or through the Booking Secretary if time is of the essence, consider that to proceed with a particular hire would be detrimental to the fabric or reputation of the Hall, the Management Committee reserve the right to EITHER refuse or cancel a hire to any person or organisation, OR to require the pre-payment of a substantial bond/caution money from which the cost of any damages etc. will be deducted, before re-payment on the completion of the hire.

Hirers should note that Foulden Village Hall does not employ a Caretaker and the Charges in Section 1 reflect this. However, the success of this arrangement depends upon the Hirers fulfilling these conditions and the Committee reserve the right to impose a surcharge to cover the cost of extra cleaning, returning furniture to its correct location etc. if necessary.


Charges for hiring FVH are set by the FVH Management Committee and are reviewed periodically and depend on

1.1 Whether the booking is for a single event, special event such as a wedding, or a block booking by a regular user.
1.2 The nature of the event.
1.3 The facilities required.
1.4 Expected numbers if the kitchen is to be used other than for tea/coffee.
1.5 Number of hours required including those for setting up/clearing up.
1.6 Whether the Hirer is a local (Foulden, Lamberton, Mordington) resident.

  1. KEYS

2.1 Regular Hirers will be given a code which will enable them to open the Key Safe adjacent to the main door and access all keys required. Someone from FVH Committee will show the Hirer how to use it at the first hire.
2.2 This code will be given to the Named Hirer only and must not be passed on to anyone else in the group or organisation. If the Named Hirer cannot be present, alternative arrangements must be made for key access with the Booking Secretary.
2.3 If this code is passed on to anyone else, the hire may be cancelled without notice.
2.4 The Code will be changed regularly, and details given to the named Hirer by email, text, phone.
2.5 Occasional/One-off Hirers will need to collect, sign for and return keys by arrangement with the Booking Secretary.
2.6 It is the responsibility of the Hirer to open and close the Hall.
2.7 For insurance purposes any windows opened (small key provided) must be closed and locked before leaving the building.
2.8 If you are the sole user of the Hall, you must ensure all internal doors are locked, Fire exit closed and external doors locked each time you leave the building unoccupied to fulfil insurance conditions.


3.1 Under the No Smoking Legislation it is an offence for any hirer to allow smoking anywhere within the building.
3.2 The Hirer should ensure that anyone smoking outside the main door or on the patio uses the sand buckets provided to dispose of cigarette ends.


4.1 No animals, except Assistance Dogs, are allowed into the building.


5.1 The wearing of stiletto heels or heelies (wheeled shoes) in any part of the building is prohibited.

  1. NOISE

6.1 Users of the Hall must recognise that they may not be the only group using the Hall and so should ensure that participants in their event do not disturb other groups.
6.2 It is of paramount importance that neighbours of the Hall are not disturbed by activities taking place. Hirers must ensure that sound levels, particularly from bands or discos are not so high as to be heard within neighbouring houses. Please note:

6.2.1 Music must stop by 10.30pm Sunday – Thursday and 12 midnight Friday and Saturday, and the Hall cleared within half an hour.
6.2.2 Extra care should be taken during the summer when windows and doors may be open and the patio in use.

  1. KITCHEN      

7.1 Hirers are required to ensure compliance with the Food Safety Act 1990, the Food Hygiene (Scotland) Regulations 2006 and any subsequent relevant regulations
7.2 Any Hirer wishing to use the kitchen appliances (dishwasher, cooker, water boiler) must be familiar with and understand the Kitchen Instructions. (Available on request).
7.3 The appliances may only be used by persons who have received instruction in their use.
7.4 Crockery and cutlery may be used but breakages must be notified and paid for.
7.5 Blue kitchen catering roll is available for drying up and all cutlery and crockery must be put away.
7.6 In the interests of safety no children are allowed in the kitchen.
7.7 All rubbish must be removed from the kitchen and put in the black bin outside the main door.


8.1 The Hirer should note that they are responsible for providing insurance for their own equipment used in the Hall, for any liability likely to be incurred from their guests/members and third-party indemnity for any event they run.
8.2 FVH Management Committee are only insured for incidents directly caused by the Hall or its environs and can accept no liability for any incidents that can be attributed to the Hirer.
8.3 To comply with insurance regulations NO LIT CANDLES may be used for decoration.



9.1 It is the responsibility of the Hirer to return any furniture etc. to its correct position at the end of the event.


10.1 All areas used by the Hirer must be swept/vacuumed (as appropriate) after the event and the toilets left in a clean state. Brushes etc. are kept in the Cleaner’s cupboard (accessed from the passage to the Gent’s toilets). All rubbish, including used paper towels from the toilets, must be removed from the Hall in a bin liner and put in the black bin outside the main door.



11.1 Decorations, balloons, banners etc. may only be attached to the hooks provided. In the interests of preserving the integrity of the finishes the use of Blu-tak, Sellotape, drawing pins etc. on any surface is not allowed.
11.2 Any notices/adverts may only be put on the notice boards in the foyer.


12.1 Provision of alcohol – where alcoholic drinks are provided free or for sale, the Hirer must ensure that no participant consumes so much that he/she causes offence to others at the event or neighbours of the Hall.
12.2 Draught Beer/Ale – the use of pumps for serving beer or ale is prohibited.
12.3 Sale of Alcohol

12.3.1 The sale of alcohol at any event is subject to the following:

  • The Hirer must inform the Booking Secretary at the time of booking, of the intention to sell alcohol.
  • The Hirer must provide the Booking Secretary with the appropriate licence for the sale of alcohol issued by the local authority at least 2 weeks before the event.
  • There will be an additional hire charge as shown in the schedule of charges.



13.1 Where outside caterers are being used at the event the name, telephone number and e-mail must be notified to the Booking Secretary a minimum of a week prior to the event to comply with Health & Safety and Food Hygiene regulations.



14.1 Hirers must be familiar with action to be taken in the event of an emergency and should inform all guests/participants of the evacuation procedure and location of the assembly point. See noticeboard in the foyer.
14.2 Instructions for dealing with a false alarm caused by the malfunction of the fire alarm are above the Fire Control Panel in the lobby. Hirers are asked to record all false alarms on the sheet above the Control Panel.
14.3 Hirers are responsible for ensuring any equipment used in the Hall complies with current safety regulations and must be able to produce appropriate safety certificates on request.
14.4 Hirers must produce an event plan/risk assessment, inspection of which may be requested by the Committee.
14.5 The First Aid Box and Accident Book are in a labelled drawer in the kitchen. Please record ALL accidents, however minor, and note any items used from the First Aid Box.



15.1 Organisers of any event at which Under 18’s are present must make sure there is adequate adult presence both within each room used and outside to ensure no damage or irresponsible behaviour takes place. Police Scotland recommend a minimum of one adult per 5 children/young people.
15.2 Organisers of any event which falls within the definition of “regulated work” are wholly responsible for ensuring that appropriate disclosure procedure have been completed.


16.1 Where large numbers of cars are expected for an event it is the responsibility or the organisers to ensure that the car park is utilised to its full potential and that access and exit routes are kept clear. Residents will be asked to park elsewhere if possible.


17.1 Any breakage or damage must be reported immediately to a member of the FCH Committee and payment to repair or replace must be made.


18.1 Regular Users / Block Bookings should agree a payment schedule with the Treasurer and will be invoiced. Payment should be by Bank transfer.
18.2 One-off Bookings

18.2.1 A non-refundable deposit of £25 is required for private parties and other such events and £50 for functions such as wedding receptions. The balance will be invoiced to the Hirer by the Treasurer and should be paid by Bank Transfer.
18.2.2 Cancellations must be notified to the Booking Secretary a minimum of 24 hrs prior to the event or a 50% hire charge will be payable.


19.1 Personal details of the Hirer and/or Office Bearers will be kept for the stipulated time for the retention of financial records and will not be disclosed to any third party unless required by law.


20.1 May be made verbally or in writing to any member of the FVH Management Committee.